Suffolk County, NY Dog Training & Behavior Specialist

Professional customized dog training that is tailored around what you want your dog to learn, done by an expert dog trainer and behavior consultant. My job is to help you by training your dog and then educating you how to properly practice what your dog has learned.

Some of the most common things that I specialize in is eliminating things like play biting, jumping up on everyone, excessive barking, chewing or taking things that don't belong to your dog, hyperactivity, leash pulling, not coming when called, and learning to stay when asked.

My Behavior therapy is for dogs that display aggression towards people, dogs, or both, leash reactivity, fears, separation anxiety, and guarding behaviors.

My Obedience training teaches your dog all of the core commands that will give you the skills that you need to have fun practicing and be able manage your dogs behaviors at any time. I do beginner obedience to advanced off leash training!

Owner Education is me then teaching you how to be the best dog owner by improving your relationship with your dog. I will teach you how to build engagement and how to properly practice what your dog will learn so it sticks once the training is completed!

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