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We speak your dog's language

People try to communicate with there dogs as if they where human and that is where everything goes wrong. We are a team of Dog Trainers & Canine Behavior Consultants who believes that clear communication is the key to strengthening the relationship between you and your dog.

Our reward based motivational training ensures that your dog will be eager to learn what we teach 

We offer private in home lessons, 2 week boot-camp, socialization classes, behavior modification, advanced off leash training 

Our trainers have extensive knowledge on dog behaviors, obedience and our motivational training techniques

We train using rewards, no forceful tactics, no outdated dominance, no harsh corrections


We are so passionate about what we do it does not feel like we work a day in our lives!


You will not only see a significant change in your dogs behavior but you will also learn how to communicate better in a way that your dog understands. 


You are more than just a client. You and your best friend become a part of our giant family of bettered dogs in our communities!

What our Clients say about us!

Tommy Katzikas

Had a trip planned and needed to find a safe place to leave our 4 month yorkie. Tyler was highly recommended by our vet so we set up a consultation. We where so comfortable with his knowledge and patience that we decided to have Luna stay for the 2 week bootcamp. Tyler and his staff kept us updated daily with videos and phone calls. Luna came back happily responding to the obedience commands, the jumping and biting my children had completely stopped and best of all she came back not having accidents in our home anymore! We highly recommend him! 

Mariel Beygeiman

Tyler is amazing, very accommodating, and professional. Dropped my pit puppy off for the board & train program. I chose him out of a few other trainers that i saw. Highly recommend!


Adam Catrella

Absolutely wonderful experience! Tyler was very knowledgable, patient, and works at your dogs pace.. I highly recommend him!

Scott Klein

We had just about given up on our Penny. We had used a trainer already and started interviewing others in desperation. We were very comfortable with Tyler's approach right away. He fully rehabilitated our dog and I Highly recommend him! 

Carol Caruso

Amazing! She returned the most well behaved dog! No more aggression towards strangers or other dogs, she was taught all the basic obedient commands. Tyler and his staff are very professional, they kept us updated on her progress through phone calls and video during her training. I would highly recommend him to anyone that I know.

Lori Ann Wiley

 She came back an amazing well mannered puppy who learned to listen. I am so grateful for the life changing decision for my lil rescue girl Kenzie! Cannot wait to bring her back for the off leash training! Highly recommended!

Ernie Cervi

During the training we received videos of Blu's progress. Tyler was always available if we had questions. At the completion of the program Blu had learned all the basics and more. I have recommended him several times giving him the highest marks. You couldn't ask for a more professional and caring trainer.

 James M. Conigliaro 

Had our 10 month old rescue enrolled in Tyler's program.. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone considering dog training!

Chris Davis

We are extremely happy with the results of the board & train program.. Our dog is now mellow, happy, and we can really enjoy him! Best money I have ever spent!!

Kelly Leggio - NY Times

We could see from the videos he was happy, well taken care of and how well he was doing with his training, Tyler truly cares about Jameson and we would highly recommend using him!

Kim Russo 

Tyler's knowledge of training showed from the minute he started our consultation for our year old lab Konna. The play-biting and jumping with our children had become very out of control and we where at a loss. Tyler taught our family the proper way to use rewards at the right time to clearly show her what it is that we where looking for. Tyler's staff and himself have taught our dog and more importantly our whole family how to understand each other and the results are beyond unbelievable! Highly recommend Tyler at CaninePro for dog owners in need of having there dog trained properly!

Serving All of Long Island! Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens, & NYC


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