We are the solution to all of your Puppy & Adult Dog Training needs!

My Reward Based Leadership Training System breaks everything down into simple steps for dog owners to finally be able to have a well trained dog!

From basic dog or puppy training to advanced off leash obedience training. Manners, housebreaking, socialization, or behavior issues. Give us a call and get started today!

Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem

Does your dog get over excited and jump on everyone that you let into the house? Not listen to you consistently? Play bite you and your guests as if you where a toy? Use you home as a bathroom? Does your dog walk you on the leash and pull non stop? How about any behavior issues? Want your dog to learn beginner to advanced off leash obedience? 

If so then you have made the first step in getting the help you need to create that ultimate peaceful relationship between you and your dog! 

We offer private in home lessons, 2 week boot-camp, socialization classes, behavior modification, advanced off leash training 
I specialize in rehabilitating dogs that need help with behaviors such as aggression, fears, anxiety, guarding, & socializing. 
Dog training
At the consultation we discuss your goals for your dog, and I educate you on how my training system works. Get started toady!
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We enrolled Molly our 3 year old rescue for fear aggression in Canine Pro's 2 week Bootcamp Program and she improved 1000%

Adam Braun
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Kind, friendly, calm, and knowledgeable. Our 1.5 year old rescue dog was incredibly dog reactive. She's now running around and making friends in the dog park after just 5 sessions.

Derek Owens
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Our dogs came back listening to all of their commands, being able to walk on a leash, being more confident and less anxious! They where like brand new dogs!!

Nicole Sonnenberg
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Canine Pro is the best! Brian is so patient and knowledgeable. He started with the basics and now Max is fully off leash trained! Im so thankful!!

Samantha Maldonado
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