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Welcome to Canine Pro's Dog Training & Dog Behavior Therapy

Canine Pro LLC in Suffolk County, NY offers Private in Home Dog Training Lessons done at your home to train your dog and to educate you how to properly practice what your dog has learned! 

Eliminate the Jumping, No more pulling on the leash, No more chewing on things that do not belong to your dog, No more excessive barking, No more biting you like your a toy, and any other issues discussed at the consultation. 

We also offer our famous Bootcamp Training Program! Imagine a fully Off leash trained dog, obedient, well mannered, and socialized, all done in a fun and loving way!

Canine Pro's Dog Behavior Therapy is to help your loving dog that has aggression, fears, anxiety, resource guarding, obsessive behaviors, leash reactivity or any other unwanted behaviors. 

Adam Braun

After adopting a 3 year old dog several months prior to working with Tyler, we realized we needed professional help to work her through her fear and anxiety which led her to biting not only our guests but also ourselves. Tyler took Molly in for a two-week board and train program and she has improve 1,000%!

Tyler communicated with us daily, sending updates and footage of his training methods so we could see for ourselves what we would be doing with Molly when we got her back. A true dog lover, he treated Molly as if she was his own and she warmed up to him very quickly. Even after getting Molly back, Tyler has communicated with us consistently to make sure Molly and ourselves are adjusting well to our new training routine. Tyler is highly skilled and talented and runs an extremely professional service. We would HIGHLY recommend his services!

Kimberly Grecki

"Sent our Frenchie Myloh to Bootcamp. Was not an easy decision to send our boy away but it was the best thing we could have done. Tyler is an awesome trainer. He came and talked with us an hour before he even met our dog. His experience and knowledge was so impressive that he eased our minds completely. We received videos and texts regularly showing Myhlo's progress, which was quick and steady. He is a whole new dog!!! Tyler took the time to go over everything with us, showing us all we need to do to keep our dog perfectly trained. Myloh definitely loved him as well and even tried to leave with him when we said goodbye. Cant praise him enough. If your looking for a good trainer I HIGHLY recommend him."

Rich Loevner

"We gave Tyler a five month old corgi puppy to train while I was on vacation she was definitely a hand full more than I expected she came back after nine days almost the perfect dog I was very reluctant to do this but Tyler made us feel very comfortable and I am absolutely shocked on the progress that he made with her after such a short time I would definitely recommend him to everyone thanks again Tyler"


Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem

Dog Trainer & Canine Behavior Consultant who believes that clear communication is the key to strengthening the relationship between you and your dog.

We offer private in home lessons, 2 week boot-camp, socialization classes, behavior modification, advanced off leash training 
Our reward based motivational training ensures that your dog will be eager to learn what we teach 
I have extensive knowledge on dog behaviors, obedience, and manners using my motivational training techniques

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Long Island Dog Behavior Therapy & Dog Training

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We train using rewards, no forceful tactics, no outdated dominance, no harsh corrections


We are so passionate about what we do it does not feel like we work a day in our lives!


You will not only see a significant change in your dogs behavior but you will also learn how to communicate better in a way that your dog understands. 


You are more than just a client. You and your best friend become a part of our giant family of bettered dogs in our communities!

Suffolk County Dog Training & Behavior Therapy


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