Dog trainer, Behaviorist, & Owner Educator - Brian Joseph - has over 15 years experience training and rehabilitating dogs on Long Island & Internationally through group seminars and lessons. 

He has successfully helped thousands of dogs over come training and behavior issues by educating dog owners on the differences in the ways that their dog communicates, learns, behaves, and lives.

Because of these misunderstandings dog owners are not able to properly communicate and provide the mental stimulation, guidance, and structure that their dog needs to live a happy well balanced life through training. Eventually this can turn into un-wanted behaviors and non compliance from your dog which can become very frustrating.

Because of the enormous amount of information that dog owners read, hear about, or see on "what dog training is" it makes it very difficult to know what the right path is for your dog. Brian teaches you step by step the skills that you need to provide your dog with the direction that he or she needs during and after the training program.

"No matter how well trained your dog is by a professional it will not stick unless you the owners learn how to properly practice and maintain the training. Training with your dog is what strengthens and improves your relationship to get and to keep the results that you are looking for."