Dog Parks

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Dog parks are a great place for us to bring our dogs to socialize and play with each other and to meet other dog owners to share our stories of our four legged family members with.

We do want to make sure that our dogs get along good with other dogs to avoid any potential of a fight happening with other dogs in the park. If our dog does not get along well with other dogs its best to hire the services of a professional dog behaviorist to help our dog get along better with other dogs before allowing them out loose in the park.

Signs that our dog may need the help of a behaviorist are fears of other dogs, growling, lunging, or showing aggressive behavior towards other dogs, circling the owner and not allowing another dog to come into the space of the owner, guarding his or her toy or ball, or dominating other dogs which is shown by jumping on the back of another dog over and over or raising his or her head above the other dogs neck over and over (bullying) which all can lead to a fight between our dog and another.

Its good to drain energy from our dog before going to the park so he or she is not so over stimulated when we arrive and let them loose in the park. As dog owners we can learn how to observe the dogs within the park before we enter to make sure that the dogs that are in their are a good match for our dog. Dog parks do not have a life guard so to speak or any one that will observe whats going on so its up to us as dog owners to make sure that we are well educated on how to make things run smooth when we bring our dog to the park to play and fun!

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