Behavior Therapy

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what is behavior therapy?

Dogs of any breed and age can develop behaviors that they cannot stop or work them selves through on their own. Behavior therapy is when a professional dog behaviorist evaluates the behaviors of your dog, and works your dog through the "root cause" that leads up to the unwanted behaviors. 

is this what I do?

Yes. I am a professional dog behaviorist and trainer that rehabilitates dogs with any type of behavior issue. In order for your dog to be well behaved and to stay that way I also educate you and your family. If you do not learn how to properly practice what your dog needs to or has learned then he or she can regress. Learning how to properly communicate with your dog is a vital part in having you'r puppy, adult, or senior dog understand what it is that you are looking for from them. Miscommunication, lack of training and lack socialization play a big part in a dog developing behavior issues, but it is never too late to help your dog to be well behaved. 

what are behaviors that require dog behavior therapy?

  • your dogs aggression towards people
  • aggression towards other dogs, other animals, or both
  • fears of people, noises, objects, being handled, new environments
  • separation anxiety or anxiety
  • resource guarding of food, toys, sleeping area, or owner
  • leash reactive towards other dogs and or people
  • dominance towards people and or dogs
  • obsessive behaviors, tail chasing, obsessed with shadows, always needs to have something

Those are most of the behaviors that would require behavior therapy but not all. 

How to begin

We first discuss the behavior or behaviors that you'r puppy, adult, or senior dog is displaying. Then we set up a consultation for him or her to be evaluated by me and for you and your family to have a better understanding of why your dog is behaving that way. I educate you on how the rehabilitation process works to help your dog behave better in those situations. We then decide on a behavior therapy program that is best for your dog and the one that you are most comfortable with. The programs are either private in home lessons or our bootcamp program.

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