Behavior Therapy

Behavior in our dogs can be mild or very severe and there are a variety of different behaviors that fall under this category that require behavior therapy or behavior modification done by a professional dog behaviorist. I have been rehabilitating dog behavior issues professionally for almost 15 years. Dogs with human aggression, dog aggression, or both, fears of people, fears of dogs, or both, fears of things in the environment such as (noises, new objects or items, new places, the car, being pet or handled, and many more), dominance issues, anxiety, separation anxiety, obsessive behaviors, and resource guarding (food, toys, sleeping areas, bones, the owners or one owner, the dogs crate). These are the most common behavior issues that our dogs can develop from an early age puppy to adulthood, or as a senior dog.

We start with a behavior consultation done at your home where I evaluate your dog and let you know why he or she is exhibiting those types of behaviors and the how the behavior therapy program works. I can fix any dog with any issue, no matter how bad the behavior or behaviors are. 

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