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CaninePro's Bootcamp Training

Do not have the time or patience to dedicate to your puppy, adult, or senior dog(s) Training or Behavior therapy? Going away for business or leisure and need somewhere trustworthy to watch your four legged family member(s) and want to get them trained while they stay? Then our Bootcamp Training Program will be just what you and you dog(s) need!

Covers everything from Puppy Training, Dog Obedience to Aggression or Behavior Issues! Read Below..

In our Bootcamp Training your dog or dogs will come and live with us in our home for just 2 weeks where your dog will be loved and cared for just as one of my own dogs while learning to be the best dog they can be in a fun and positive way!

Daily progress videos and video chat are done and sent to you so you can see what your dog is learning, how they are progressing, and most important you get to learn what you will be practicing once they come back!

If the owners are not educated properly on how to practice what your dog(s) have learned then they can regress once they come back so you are very much a part of what your dog is learning every day during there stay to learn how to practice there new skills which will keep your dog(s) from regressing once they complete the training here! An extended lesson is done the day I bring them back once they completed the training program to then show and teach you and your family everything hands on! 

We first start off with a consultation done at your home in your yard or out front so we can practice social distancing and keep everyone safe! At the consult we will go over your goals with your dog(s), I will evaluate them, educate you and your family on the training process so you have a full understanding of how they are taught and what to expect during there training. If you want to move forward with the Bootcamp Training we would then schedule a day to have your dog(s) enrolled! 

What does your Dog(s) learn at our Bootcamp Training?

At the consultation we go over everything that will be covered for for your dog and the program will be tailored around your dogs needs! This is list of most of the Training that can be done during the Bootcamp Program: 

Basic to Advanced Obedience Training (To focus, Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Come when called, Place (to stay in dog bed until released not in a crate), Heel ( No pulling and to focus when walked)

Distraction Training - Learn to respond and to stay on Obedience commands and to Behave well when distractions come into the environment. Example: ( You tell your dog to go to his or her place and stay, then someone knocks on your door or rings doorbell and your dog still stays on there place without getting overexcited or barking until you release him or her!)

Manner Training - Eliminates things that you do not want your dog to do ( Jumping, Play biting, Hyperactive, Excessive Barking, Chewing or stealing things that do not belong to your dog, Begging, Counter Surfing, Digging, and any other discussed at the consultation. 

Housebreaking - No more accidents inside the home and learns to go eliminate when asked no matter what the weather is outside and learns to hold it overnight and while at work. 

Off Leash Training - Your dog will be Trained to happily respond to all Obedience Commands and Listen to you Fully Off Leash! Walk, Come, Place, Sit, Lay Down, and listen to any thing you ask your dog(s) to stop doing! 

Behavior Therapy - Your dog(s) will be rehabilitated from any Behavior Issues that you are dealing with such as Human Aggression, Dog Aggression, Fears, Anxiety, Obsessive Behaviors, Dominance, Confidence Building, Resource Guarding (Guards food, toys, sleeping areas, person or persons), Territorial Behavior ( Guards or Attacks people that approach your home)

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