Canine Pro offers exclusive board & train programs which are tailored to best fit the needs of your dog.

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Canine Pro offers exclusive board and train programs which are tailored to best fit the needs of your dog. In a board and train program the owner will leave their dog with us for 2-5 weeks, depending on the package selected, and the training begins the moment your dog arrives. We tailor our training to fit all breeds, and we will not turn a single breed away.

All levels of dogs are accepted from those crazy puppies to the advanced dogs that want to level up and further sharpen their education. Any and every dog can benefit from advancing their training to create a synchronous relationship between the dog and the owner. While there are three different packages available, depending on your dog we may recommend one over the other.

Each package includes basic foundational behaviors such as manners around other people, other dogs and in the house. During a typical training day, your dog gets 1-2 training sessions per day as well as plenty of exercise and conditioning, as well as a socialization period to maximize their stay here at Canine Pro. So how do you know if a board and train program is right for your dog?

Sending your K9 companion to our board and train program accelerates their training much faster than doing weekly lessons on your own. Our goal for you is to establish good, clear communication between you and your dog to create set expectations and standards for them to perform their very best, and to truly maximize the relationship you can have. 

General requirements for our programs:

Your dog must be at least 4 months of age with proof of completing their core
puppy vaccines.

What are the different programs offered?

2-week package

This 2-week package provides basic fundamentals which are ideal for dogs who lack any previous foundation or training. While this package is great for new beginner dogs, or puppies, it is tailored to fit any age or breed of dog.

Package includes:

The package includes basic on leash obedience training for your dog, including, but not limited to:

  • walking controllably on leash
  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • wait at doors
  • wait while on walks
  • go to “place”
  • manners around people: off-commands (to eliminate jumping), waiting politely to be pet by friends and family
What to expect at the end of these 2-weeks:

At the end of the 2 week package you and your dog will be equipped to establish a better relationship and connection built through basic fundamental obedience. You and your dog will be set up with a go home session where we educate you on how to maintain these behaviors and keep your pup’s obedience in tip top shape!

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