Bootcamp Training

CaninePro's Bootcamp or Boarding and Training

Why and what is bootcamp training? 

Being consistent, patient, and knowing how puppies or adult dogs learn is what it takes to reach the goals of a well trained dog. From observing dog owners doing in home lessons over the years the biggest reasons they do not finish the training or reach their intended goal is lack of time or inconsistency. That is why we created our bootcamp training program. Bootcamp is where your puppy, adult, or senior dog comes and lives with me for 2 weeks and gets the consistent training he or she needs while being loved and cared for as my own dog!

I lay the foundation of the training and then educate you and your family how to properly practice the new skills that your puppy or adult dog has now learned. Bootcamp is great if you are going on vacation or business and need a trustworthy and stress free place for your four legged family member to stay and at the same time learn some valuable training.

We start off with an in home consultation so I can educate you on how the training works and so we can discuss the details of your puppy or adult dog, and the type of training that he or she is being enrolled for.

The bootcamp program can include:

Housebreaking and crate training

Etiquette training to eliminate behaviors such as:

Jumping, play biting, excessive barking, chewing on or taking things that do not belong to them, digging and any others discussed at the consultation.

Obedience training: focus, sit, stay, lay down, place command, heel no pulling on the leash, come when called.

Distraction Training: to respond and stay on command when distractions are present. Example your dog will learn to stay on place even if someone comes to the door knocks and you answer and let them in. No over excitement from your dog and stays on place until you release to calmly greet your guest, family member, or delivery.

Behavior Therapy: Rehabilitated from human aggression, dog aggression, fears, anxiety, separation anxiety, dominance, resource guarding (food, toys, bones) Territorial behavior, obsessive behaviors.

Full Off Leash Training: Imagine being able to take your dog anywhere and he or she responds to all you ask and all obedient commands including walking where allowed FULLY OFF LEASH! This is where you get to enjoy your dog to the fullest, even if it is off leash training in your yard or inside your home. You go to a park, or take on a road trip or vacation and no more worrying about running away or not coming back to you!

Inquire today about our Boot camp training program for your puppy or adult dog!

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