Off leash dog training

Advanced off leash training is just that. We train your dog in a fun and motivated way to listen to you without a leash. 

In home, in the backyard when the kids have friends, public areas, hiking, the beach, parks, dog park, around high level distractions, your dog will respond off leash to:

  • Heel which is walking right by your side until released off leash (where permitted)
  • Come when called no matter where you are
  • Sit, lay down, and stay, inside, outside, and in public areas
  • Go to a place or dog bed and stay until released
  • Control any and all manner or behavior issues, such as jumping, excessive barking, play biting, chewing on items that your dog should not, hyperactivity, and any other behavior issues with NO leash! 
  • When not on command your dog will learn to stay near you and not go off to far from you outside your home or in public places

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