Canine Pro Puppy training

Our Private in Home Puppy Lessons or our Bootcamp for Puppies will set the foundation so your pup matures into a well behaved, obedient, confident, and socialized dog!

Many dog owners start off the training for their puppy only when certain issues become out of control, such as play biting, jumping on you and your guests, chewing everything, excessive barking, and pulling on the leash for walks to name a few.

Having your puppy trained and you and your family being educated on the right ways to practice the training are very important to have the best relationship with your pup and a peaceful household. Understanding  how to communicate with your puppy is were it all begins, without proper communication things can get out of control very quickly or you find it difficult to get across what it is you want from your pup.

Our puppy training will train your puppy how to eliminate outside in your yard and or on on a walk so there are no more accidents inside your home or inside his or her crate or penned in area.

Proper puppy etiquette will teach your puppy in a fun and positive way the things that we want from them and the things that we do not want from them. Some of these things can be: play biting, jumping up on you or your guests, excessive barking, respecting our personal space, chewing, swallowing, or taking things that are not good for them or do not belong to them, digging, hyperactive behavior, staying off the furniture or only when allowed, begging when your eating, and counter surfing or jumping on the counters or table. 

Basic Puppy Obedience Training is your puppy learning how to fully enjoy responding to commands that we ask of them. The basic commands, are to leash walk properly or heel without pulling, to focus or pay attention, sit, lay down, stay, go to place (dog bed and stay, separate from being in a crate), and to come when called. Puppies learn by being motivated and working for something that they really like so we can teach them to want to respond in a highly motivated way of practicing obedience training. Obedience training for your puppy gives them a job to do so it challenges them mentally while having fun! 

Socialization is crucial in giving your puppy the social skills he or she needs to interact properly with other puppies, dogs, animals, and people. If this is not done then fear, nervousness, anxiety or dominance can develop which can lead to behavior issues and the lack of being able to fully enjoy social activities. 

Behavior issues can develop even in young puppies which are aggression (attacking), fears, anxiety, dominance, lack of confidence, resource guarding (food, bones, toys, items he or she steals, sleeping area, or guarding an owner(s). Its extremely important that we work your puppy through any of these issues so they do not intensify as he or she gets older and bigger. 

Puppy Training is so much fun for the puppy and for the owners! At Canine Pro my passion is creating a clear understanding and good communication between puppy and family so the relationship grows even stronger and eliminates frustration and stress. Call today to get started! 

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